Achievements And Awards

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National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) unit has been functioning in our college since its opening year 1994-1995. Since its beginning it has been trying sincerely to meet the needs and requirements of students and peoples from different walks of life. Valuable contribution of N.S.S. unit to our college and society is as follows…..

1.Activities such as campaigning, rallies to control dowry disease (system), AIDS control mission and alcohol prohibition were organized by our unit.

 2.Project of planting and cultivating thousands of trees to save earth and ultimately it control pollution was  undertaken by our unit

3.Special assistance and co-operation was imported to organize blood donation camps to meet the demand of blood.

4. To give feel of domestic atmosphere to orphan from remand home at Varvand, different festivals are being celebrated at remand home.

5. Considering importance of human life, thousand’s of tree’s in adopted villages  were planted in Daund taluka.

6. Unused medicines under guidance of medical professionals are being collected from the people and they are supplied to the people who are poor and needy.

7. As there was basic need of a water  in the villages of Daund Taluka Dist. Pune our volunteers from unit gave their full co-operation for the construction of check dam.

8. To meet the needs and requirements of society volunteers from our unit actively participated in different missions such as polio-eradication, national integrity.

9. Special efforts were made by unit to inspire volunteers to participate in different activities by organizing training camps and workshops, female volunteers were trained to work as nurse and male volunteers were trained police friends N.S.S. during ‘Palkhi sohala’.

Activities and Awards

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National Cadet Corps (NCC) has its genesis in the “University Corps” which was established under the Indian Defence Act.1917. with the object to make up the shortage of the army. the need to create a youth organisation at national level and to train the young boys to be better citizen and future leaders of our great country in th all walks of life including defence forces,was rightly realised our leaders. the motto of the NCC is “Unity and Decipline” which was accepted on 23rd dec 1957. in the light of the motto,the NCC strives to be and is one of the greatest cohesive forces of our nation,that brings together the youth hailing from different parts of our country and moulds them into united,secular and disciplined citizens of our nation.

Now a days NCC has the following aims.
a) To develop qualities of character,courage,comradeship,discipline,leadership,secular outlook,spirit of adventure and sportsmanship and selfless service among the youth to make them useful citizens.
b) To create a human resources of organised,trained and motivated youth,to provide leadership in all walks of life,including the armed forces and be always available for the services of the nation.
c) To create suitable environment to motivate the youth to take up a career in armed forces.

The NCC does not act as the feeder of entry of cadets into the defence forces,however,it does encourage and assit cadets to do so they should be inclined. Keeping this in view, service training is conducted only to help in fulfilling the aims of developing character quality among our cadets and making them good leaders and useful citizens of our country. the NCC,therefore,trains cadets to take appropriate place in the society,in all walks of life and in service of the nation.

एन.सी.सी. छात्र प्रतिज्ञा
मै प्रतिज्ञा करता हूँ कि , मै , सच्चाई और श्रद्धासे , अपने
देशकी सेवा करुंगा तथा , नैशनल कॅडेट कोर के नियमो ,
और अधिनियमोंका पालन करुंगा | और अपने , कमांडिंग
ऑफिसरके आदेशके अनुसार हर परेड व कॅम्पमें पूरि
शक्तिके साथ सम्मिलित रहूंगा ||


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 Varvand Gram Shikshan Sanstha established arts, science & commerce college on June 1993. Gymnasium was also established in 1993. The college authorities made available 04 acres of land for the establishment of gymnasium.With the grant from the university and government as well as investment of the society a huge playground was made ready, where a track of 400 mt. for running, volley ball court, basketball court,Table Tennis,football ground,Cricket and kabaddi and kho kho ground were made.

With grant from UGC the office, store room, NCC office were constructed. Trees are planted around the play ground with a view keep the environment healthy. The gymnasium is fully equipped with latest machinery required for the purpose of gym. Various facilities for different sports are also provided by the gymnasium. This is done so that the students can take full advantage of the facilities.

Since 1993 till 2018 the players representing our college have brought many laurels at the University, National and State level for our college. The college had organised kho kho, kabaddi competition. District level competition were also organised by college. This is fully equipped gymnasium over these years has always been pride of honour for the college.

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The programme is specially conducted for the rural students who are learning in the- B.A.,B.Com.,B.Sc.,B.C.S.,B.B.A.,B.C.A. students. It helps to develop Confidence, Communication Skill, Discipline, Transaction Capacity in those who have burning desire for future dreams. The ten days regular schedule from 1.00 p.m. to 05.00 pm.

Topics Conducted:
Personality Development,Public Speaking,SWOT Analysis,Creativity,Communication Skill,Positive Attitude,Group Discussion,Motivation.

Competitive Examination

The Eknath Sitaram Divekar College has realized that there is a general lack of awareness and there are a number of misconceptions concerning Civil Services Exam in the minds of not only the students and their parents but also of teachers and counselors.Due to this college has started The Competitive Examinations. It was established  in July 2013.

Aims and Objective:
1. To provide guidance to the students who come from rural background for competitive exams.
2. Develop good administrators.
3. To create awareness among the students for various competitive exams.
4. Develop among them a sense of social and civic responsibility.
5. To make them capable to face emergencies and natural disasters.
6. Acquire leadership qualities and democratic attitude.
7. To incorporate National integration and social harmony.

1. Experienced staff.
2. Well established library facility.
3. Special coaching for higher secondary students.
4. Periodical unit test.
5. Participation certificate.

1. UPSC / MPSC foundation course.
2. Arrange Workshops.
3. Arrange Guest Lectures on various contemporary Social, Political, Economic and Environmental issues.

Prof.Yadav S.A.
Mob.- 9623682227

Placement Cell

The college has established a placement cell accordingly the college organizes campus interviews of various industries as per their requirement as well as it supplies the list of students passed out to various industries.However,because of increased student strength and growing job opportunities,college authorities decided to established a placement cell which will be fruitful in making available the job opportunities to the students.The placement officer is regularly in touch with various industries and organizations about their requirement and he arranges campus interviews as per their convenience through out year.The following industries have been conducting campus interviews regularly.

  1. CIPLA pvt.Ltd.MIDC Kurkumbh,Tal.Daund,Dist.Pune.
  2. Alky Amines Chemicals Ltd.,Kurkumbh,Tal.Daund,Dist.Pune.
  3. Emcure Pvt.Ltd.,MIDC, Kurkumbh,Tal Daund.Dist-Pune.
  4. Melzer Pvt Ltd.,MIDC, Kurkumbh,Tal Daund.Dist-Pune.
  5. Lavender Pvt.Ltd,MIDC, Kurkumbh,Tal Daund.Dist-Pune.
  6. Serum Pvt.,Ltd.,Hadapsar Pune-411028.
  7. Armony Pvt.Ltd. MIDC, Kurkumbh,Tal Daund.Dist-Pune.

Apart from them, Finance companies for commerce faculty, insurance companies,Consultancies in Pune also frequently visit the college for their requirement.                                                                                                The College has started Competitive Examinations as well as Soft Skill Development Programme because of that some of students got placed in Civil Services and Teaching Field.

The major achievement of the cell is that more than 200 students have selected and recruited directly in CIPLA Kurkumbh in last 3 years.

     Mr.Adhav P.B.
     Mob.- 9890724095