Criterion wise AQAR and SSR Report

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1Final SSR After DVV 2023Click to View
2SSR Before DVV 2023Click to View
3PART BCriterion IClick to View
Curriculum Planning , Implementation and Assessment
Certificate and Value added Courses
1.4.1-Feedback, Analysis and Action Taken Report
Criterion II5.1.1-Number of Sanctioned and Filled Seats Wise Student List
2.3.1-Student Centric Methods and ICT enabled Tools
2.6.1-Programme outcomes and Course outcomes
2.5.1-Internal/ External Examination & Grievance Redressal Committee
2.6.2-Attainment of POs and COs
Criterion III3.2.2 Workshop/ Seminar/Conferences
3.2.1-Innovation Ecosystem
3.5.1-Collaborations & Linkages
3.5.1-Faculty Exchange
3.4.1-Extension Activities
3.5.1-Research Collaboration and MOU Activities
Criterion IV4.2.1-Library Facilities
Criterion V5.1.1-Scholarship-Data Sports and Cultural Activities
5.1.2-Skill Oriented Programs
5.4.1-Alumni Association Registration Letter
5.1.4-Various Committees Activities
Criterion VI6.1.1 Institutional Vision and Leadership
6.1.1 Management, CDC, IQAC Commitee
6.1.1 IQAC Meeting Notice and Agenda
6.1.1 Academic Year Committees
6.1.1 College Prospects
6.2.1 Organogram, Perspective Plan, Service Rules
6.2.2-Implementation of e-governance
6.5.2-Minutes of IQAC Mettings
6.1.1-Institutional Governance and Leadership Staff Details
1Criterion VII7.2.1 Tree Plantation
7.1.1 Curricular, Co-Curricular Activities for Women
7.2.1 Check Dam Construction
7.1.4 Institutional Efforts / Initiatives
7.1.3-Permission Letters
7.3.1-Fee Concession
Audit Reports
7.3.1 Distinctiveness of Institution

AQAR 2021-22

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AQAR 2021-22Final AQAR Report Click to View
1.Part-A3.2Click to View
4 Academic CalendarClick to View
Minutes of IQACClick to View
Part-BCriterion-I1.4.1Click to View
Criterion-II2.3.2Click to View to View
2.7.1Click to View
Criterion-V5.1.3Click to View
Criterion-VI6.2.2Click to View
6.5.3Click to View

AQAR 2020-21 Documents

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AQAR 2020-21Final AQAR 2020-21Click to View
PART ACategory-Wise Student ListClick to View
3.2Number of Sanctioned Post During The Year Click to View
Criterion-IICriterion 2.6.1Click to View
Criterion 2.2.1Click to View
Criterion-IIICriterion 3.4.1Click to View
Criterion 3.1.3Click to View
Criterion-IVCriterion to View
Criterion 4.1.1Click to View
Criterion 4.1.3Click to View
Criterion-VCriterion to View
Criterion to View
Criterion 5.1.1Click to View
Criterion 5.1.3Click to View
Criterion-VICriterion 6.2.1Click to View
Criterion 6.2.2Click to View
Criterion 6.3.1Click to View
Criterion 6.5.3Click to View
Criterion-VIICriterion 7.2.1Click to View
Criterion 7.2.1Click to View
Criterion 7.3.1Click to View

AQAR 2019-20 Documents

1.AQAR 2019-20Click to view
1.Institutional DistinctivenessClick to view
2.Best PracticeClick to view
3.Student Satisfaction Survey AnalysisClick to view
4.Academic CalendarClick to view
5.Result AnalysisClick to View

AQAR 2018-19 Documents

1.AQAR 2018-19Click to view
2.Best PracticesClick to view
3.Student Satisfaction Survey AnalysisClick to view
4.Academic CalendarClick to view
5.Plan of Action Check out by the IQAC Click to view

AQAR 2017-18 Documents

1.AQAR 2017-18Click to view

Self Study Report (SSR) 2017 Documents

1.SSR-2017Click to view